Peter Dalldorf, MD

Doctor Peter Dalldorf is an orthopedic surgeon with Guilford Orthopaedic in Greensboro NC

Dr. Dalldorf Specializes in:

  • Arthroscopic Surgery
  • General Orthopedic Surgery
  • Sports Medicine
Guilford Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Center in Greensboro, NC

Dr. Dalldorf joined the Guilford Orthopedic division in 1994. He is a member of the medical staff at Moses Cone and Wesley Long hospitals. He is the team doctor for NC A&T University and many local high schools. He also helps direct a Sports Medicine Fellowship as an Associate Professor in the UNC School of Medicine. He and his wife, Christi, live in Greensboro with their four children.

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Arthroscopic surgery , general orthopedic surgery, and sports medicine are specialties of Dr. Peter Dalldorf, MD